silverado61. Rebuilding my 72g bow front and stand.

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I know it's been a while since I've posted anything here so here's a quick update:
We finally closed on our house on April 30th and are slowly starting to move in. We're waiting till the kids finish school at the end of May to do the big move. The house has a finished basement with a large laundry room next to it with the breaker box so I can hard wire the stand the way I had it before. The laundry room is going to house my quarantine tank, a work bench for any work I do for the tank like building the 30g sump/fuge and the saltwater mixing station consisting of three 30g plastic food grade barrels. One for R/O water storage and the other two for saltwater storage. The barrels are going to be plumbed together so I can move water from one barrel to another and dispense water for W/C using a single pump and a plumbing system. It's still going to be a few months before I bring the display back to life due to building the new sump/fuge.
In the meantime I've been getting equipment together. I bought a Current USA Marine link system so I can tie in and control my LED lights, return pump and power heads from one central hub. I also got titanium heaters for the sump/fuge, QT and water barrels. I'm also working to complete my DIY upflow algae scrubber. Plus tons of misc other doodads. Too many to list. I should have the tank and display moved into the house by next weekend. I'm starting to get pretty fired up about getting this going again. I thought we'd never find a house but this one is perfect. I'm a home owner again!


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Sounds pretty exciting. New house, new tank! Just be careful with QT (or any tank) in laundry room where it may be exposed to chemicals/fumes.


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Sounds pretty exciting. New house, new tank! Just be careful with QT (or any tank) in laundry room where it may be exposed to chemicals/fumes.
Thanks Beth. Yes, I already took that into consideration. The rooms about 15'x20' and everything will be stationed opposite of the laundry side and nothing containing sprays or fumes will be stored in that room.
For me white isn't the goal natural is. A nice coating of coraline and some darker coloration will look great on these.
I've tried this with coral skeletons before too, but the green algae always seems to take hold before the coraline. What is the trick to getting the coralline to grow? I've recently tried using "purple up," but it just seemed to trigger a red slime bloom.


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I'm hoping to start working on the install the weekend after fathers day. First I have to build a work bench so I can cut glass for baffles in the diy sump. I have to do a leak test on the tank and sump also. Boths tanks have been in storage for a few years so I have to make sure all the seals are intact.


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It's been over two months since my last post. The move into the new house is finished and the tank is in it's new spot. It's a finished basement sitting on a concrete foundation so weight isn't going to be a problem. Just have to hardwire the built in breaker to the main breaker.
72 bow front rebuild.jpg


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I bought a second hand 35 gallon tank that I was going to use for the sump. It fit, barely, but there wasn't enough room to get in there and redo the plumbing or do any work on it for that matter so I scratched that idea and found a 30 gallon used tank that has a little more room to work on it. Now the plan is to use the 35g for baffles in the 30g.
tank disassembly 1.jpg

Here's the 35g that I was going to use for the sump. You can see that it's too tall to do any work on it once it's installed in the stand.

sump build 2.jpg

Here's the 30g that I found to use for the sump. This one will give me more room to work. The aluminum stand that it's sitting on is going be used for my QT. I've got a 45g and a 55g and I'm thinking of using one of those for the QT. Which one does everyone think I should use or should I go smaller?


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The build on the sump has begun.

tank disassembly 2.jpg

Here's the 35g with the top and bottom frame removed.

tank disassembly 3.jpg

Here it is with the front panel removed. You can see the 45g and the 55g in the left back ground.

tank disassembly 4.jpg

And here it is with one of the side panels removed. Coming along nicely.


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The 35g is completely disassembled. I removed all the caulk and removed any residue with acetone. Next I cleaned all the panels and cut out six baffles to make three chambers in the sump with bubble traps. Now all I have to do is clean the 30g sump and do a leak test. I know I should have done the water test before but I'm 98% sure all the seals are intact as I can't get my finger nail under any of the caulking.
I went out and bought two tubes of "aquarium safe" caulk so I can get this show on the road.

sump build 5.jpg

The caulk in question. Almost $8 for a 2.8oz tube so it better be worth it.

sump build 1.jpg

Here's the six baffles. I only need four but I cut six just in case. I'd rather have them and not need them then need them and not have them. All but one measure 11-3/4 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches tall. One is cut 11-3/4 inches by 11 inches. That ones going to be used between chamber one and two to give me enough height to adjust the skimmer. I just have to nip two corners on two baffles so that they'll fit around the seals at the bottom of the sump.


Here's the sump design I'm using. What do you think? Simple yet effective?