silverado61. Rebuilding my 72g bow front and stand.

Discussion in 'Share Your Aquarium' started by silverado61, Aug 24, 2017.

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  2. The motto of aquarists everywhere.

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    Damn Skippy.
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    I know it's been a while since I've posted anything here so here's a quick update:
    We finally closed on our house on April 30th and are slowly starting to move in. We're waiting till the kids finish school at the end of May to do the big move. The house has a finished basement with a large laundry room next to it with the breaker box so I can hard wire the stand the way I had it before. The laundry room is going to house my quarantine tank, a work bench for any work I do for the tank like building the 30g sump/fuge and the saltwater mixing station consisting of three 30g plastic food grade barrels. One for R/O water storage and the other two for saltwater storage. The barrels are going to be plumbed together so I can move water from one barrel to another and dispense water for W/C using a single pump and a plumbing system. It's still going to be a few months before I bring the display back to life due to building the new sump/fuge.
    In the meantime I've been getting equipment together. I bought a Current USA Marine link system so I can tie in and control my LED lights, return pump and power heads from one central hub. I also got titanium heaters for the sump/fuge, QT and water barrels. I'm also working to complete my DIY upflow algae scrubber. Plus tons of misc other doodads. Too many to list. I should have the tank and display moved into the house by next weekend. I'm starting to get pretty fired up about getting this going again. I thought we'd never find a house but this one is perfect. I'm a home owner again!
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    Sounds pretty exciting. New house, new tank! Just be careful with QT (or any tank) in laundry room where it may be exposed to chemicals/fumes.
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    Thanks Beth. Yes, I already took that into consideration. The rooms about 15'x20' and everything will be stationed opposite of the laundry side and nothing containing sprays or fumes will be stored in that room.

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