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    Hello fellow Rhode Islanders

    i don't want to rattle of a list of good lfs here, but has info on most of the good lfs in ma/nh/ri. cra is one of the best btw.
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    1/2 yr B'day...

    mr tuna coraline aglae loves actinic light, that might help explain it.
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    what is the easiest to keep acropora or montipora?

    i had a clown gobie perch in green tree, finger leather, and candy cane corals just about any branching coral will work.
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    RI area good coral shops

    check the boston reefers org homepage and forum there are alot of good lfs fairly close to you.
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    Would Like To See Some Reef Safe Wrasse Pictures Please.

    you should be fine with any fairy wrasse with the fish you have. the only problems i've seen with are adding a super male to a tank with an established supermale or the velvet multicolor wrasse that took out a niger trigger. any you need to know wrasses are jumpers, so you should have a covered...
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    Would Like To See Some Reef Safe Wrasse Pictures Please.

    please be aware that leopard wrasses are VERY hard to keep. they need a deep sand bed and lots of live food.
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    Would Like To See Some Reef Safe Wrasse Pictures Please.

    you could try a laboutei
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    My first clam any tips? Pics Included.

    this is a general rule of thumb, DO NOT CONSIDER BUYING A CLAM UNLESS YOU HAVE METAL HALIDES. all clams over aprox. 3 inches get most of their food from zooxanthellae. under 3 inch they need phytoplakton, this is all they eat. these rules can be broken but i would not suggest it. and for those...
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    Acropora color morph?

    acro's sometimes change colors in different tanks with differnet lighting, flow, chemistry, etc. for that matter just about any sps can change colors under different lighting. i personally have a green rim purple cap that when i got it as a frag was army green. i return a frag of it to the guy i...
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    stocking list for 210 gal

    if i was going to stock a 210. my list would look something like this most of these fish are in my 125: 2 leopard wrasses ( yes i am keeping one) 1 mystery wrasse (if i wasn't moving my pyle's wrasse and i still would have to think about putting both in the same tank.) 1 blonde naso 1 purple...
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    (3) 250w de or (3) 400w mh on 210 gal

    i would go with the 250 w DEs. one of the guy in my club has a odell 220 which slightly taller then the aga 210. the only worry he has is he needs to put light colored acros closer to the top. just make sure you get good reflectors. read sanjay joshi's work on reflectors. by the way the xm 10k...
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    What do you use

    which tank? one has vho only(softies/lps), one mh (frag tank) and the last one has vho/mh combo (sps). they all have there pro and cons.
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    What can I get?

    i would go buy a copy of eric borneman's corals book, so you can see pics of the corals people are telling you about. imo books are some of the best money you can spend on your tanks. you should be able to keep most soft corals and some large ployp stonies but small ployp stonies, clams.
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    new 210 gallon project getting started..

    as far as reactors go mrc makes a great reactor for the money. lights 250 de are plenty, i really like my reef optix and blow wave ballasts, btw i'm running xm 10k and am very happy with them. i would look am getting vhos for actinics. skimmers, you can't beat euroreefs or asm skimmers, go big...
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    MH lighting question?

    i'm running three of them. great unit all around.