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    Looking for Bali Xenia in Southern Cali

    I saw Steve Xenia I had those already but still looking for the Giant Bali that Garf's.
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    Looking for Bali Xenia in Southern Cali

    Anyone here from Southern California that has the Bali Xenia? I'm looking to buy a couple of frags if you have any let me know.
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    White spots on Xenia Stalk

    I have white spots on my xenia stalks and some got rotted away is this a disease or something is biting it and it cause them to get infection to die off? Anyone have this experience?
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    Ozone Skimmer

    The reason I want ozone because it makes the water crystal clear. What brand of skimmer did you use? I heard a reactor would be great for a ozone setup. I just to do a setup like this because of the wonderful clear water it will produce but I heard so much danger it can do I just want to make...
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    Ozone Skimmer

    What is the best skimmer for using ozone and also anyone know what is the best setup for ozone? I plan to install ozone for my next setup and trying find the best safe way to run it. Anyone have any ideas or experience with help me out. It will be for a 300 gallon tank fish only possible with...
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    Fish ID

    Here is a better close up picture of it.
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    Fish ID

    I bought this fish 4 months ago I'm just wondering is it a blue face angel the guy at the store told me it was blue face but I can't tell base on its stripes. Its the fish on left with the black stripes can anyone tell if that fish is indeed a blue face?
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    Dead pink square Anthia please help

    Anthia's are really tough to keep I lost 3 so far they require good flow and good water. I dunno if its space but as far as I know they need good water condition to stay alive.
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    Red Tail Cortis Wrasse Disappear

    I bought a Red Tail Coris Wrasse and the next day I notice it missing. I check the side of the tank I don't see his body anywhere since I close off the top the tank with a lid and also I can't find him in the rocks could he have been buried in the sands?
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    Naso Tang Not eating

    Water checks out okay I have a least 10 fish in my 150 gallon but most of them are small. I feed mostly flakes and algae sheets some times other stuff like mysis shrimp. Naso mostly eat algae anyways. I think it could also be the rising temperature lately could cause him to discomfort but I...
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    Naso Tang Not eating

    I had this naso tang for 3 week now. It started to eat very well for the first 3 weeks now it is not eating at all. Could it be stress by other fishes? Is there anyway to get him to start eating again?
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    Bare Bottom or With Sand

    I'm gonna be upgrading my tank to a 300 gallon I was thinking what would be best bare bottom tank or with sand? It will have liverock for sure but I dunno if its best to go with sand or not what do you guys think?
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    2 copperband on a mixed reef tank

    I had a copperband as well they are very picky eaters I can't get him to eat anything and it died on me.
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    Buying used lr for FOWLR

    If its fish only you wouldn't need coralline since its only for looks. For fish only tank it will definitely be tough to maintain with calcium and alk swings. Plain live rock is fine I'm also thinking of going bare bottom.
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    From my experience they need very good water and feeding requirements but as far as coral goes I do not know if they really eat most corals.