Red Tail Cortis Wrasse Disappear


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I bought a Red Tail Coris Wrasse and the next day I notice it missing. I check the side of the tank I don't see his body anywhere since I close off the top the tank with a lid and also I can't find him in the rocks could he have been buried in the sands?

small triggers

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yes they do bury themselves in the sand,,, so he could be anywhere, you may want to keep the lights out for an extra day if you can until he gets acclimated to his new settings. Is there anything in there tha could have picked on him when you put him in?

pastor b.

My Red Corris wrasse likes to hide beneath the sand also. There are even times when I see it come out from hiding from under the sand,its an awesome sight .


I bought a yellow canary wrasse about a month and a half ago. When I released him into the tank, he stayed out for a few minutes then disappeared into the sand. I did not see him for 2.5 weeks and marked him as dead. Then one morning I was passing by the tank and saw him swimming around. By that evening, when the lights went off, he was gone. It took him another week to start swimming around when the lights came on at 5pm. Now he is all over the tank. You have to be patient, he will come out when he is ready.