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    STN? Bleaching? What is it, what do I do?

    I agree with jpa, 20X turnover is not much for sps. I have a little over 50X in my sps tank. They love the flow. What is your phosphate level? From what I understand, high PO4 can cause problems. Also, how close is it too the softies? Sps and softies do not usually mix in close proximity. Just a...
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    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    LOL, Scuba. I am asking $50 for the pair. Sorry, no shipping.
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    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    The anemone I have, ate a 5 inch Purple Tang, a 6 inch Hippo tang, a 2inch hippo tang, and a few damsels. So basically, if it can close up around it, it will eat the fish. In the reply from Jimmy G, I had to laugh, they can be the devil! They do limit what you can have in the tank, but they are...
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    live rock curing question

    I would suggest putting a powerhead in, to increase circulation. Air bubblers will give some circulation, but a powerhead would be better.
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    Ushio vs. XM

    The price is a big factor for me, too. Thanks for the info
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    Ushio vs. XM

    I was wondering how 250watt 10k, XM bulbs compare to Ushio 10k bulbs. I have Ushio and really like the crisp white color. How does XM compare? Is it similar, bluer, or more yellow.
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    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    I am looking to get $50 for the pair. I am in Wausau. Here is a 2 year old pic, but it looks pretty much the same, only a little bigger
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    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

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    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    I am looking to sell or trade a green carpet anemone. It is a healthy 16 inches across. It would be a good addition to a species tank. It is hosted by a maroon clown that I would be willing to part with also. I have had it for more then 3 years and it is very healthy, but it is limiting me to...
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    live sand/cheap/trade

    I live in Wausau, and have been looking for a 48 in pc fixture. I have a 48 in standard flourescent with a single bulb. If you would be interested in some sort of deal for the lights email me at
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    Dual 250s on a lps softie tank

    How deep is the tank?
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    Very OT! Anyone know about califlower ear?

    Daniel, You got that right! High school wrestling was a blast. Now that I am old, I am down to coaching little kids. Not as fun, but still a good time. Had cauliflower ear a couple times. Have it lanced and wear head gear, especially at practice. I didn't take anytime off when I got it and my...
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    Worst Smells

    I forgot a 1/2 bucket of grape caulerpa from trimming back the refugium. It was in the basement corner for about 2 weeks(don't ask). I rarely go down there, then when I did, I almost gagged. oops! Wife was not impressed.
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    How many MH for 125 Tank

    Like I said before, what are you going to put in the tank? If it is going to be a reef, IMO, I would get the mhs w/ vho actinics. Otherwise you will be upgrading later.
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    south down

    New_noob, This thread is a year old. If you want to take a road trip to Wausau, they have it for sale at home depot.$6.95 for a 50 lb bag.