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    new skimmer

    If your going with a seaclone, go with the 150. The seaclones are not the best skimmers, but they are $75. If your willing to spend more, an aqua C remora would work much better. And they get much better then that. Wait...A 125g QT tank?
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    Best Cal & Alk option?

    Thank you both for the explanation. Thats exactly what I needed to hear.
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    Best Cal & Alk option?

    The Ca should be dropping alongside the ALK though, correct? It has dropped, but it didn't seem to drop in sync with the ALK. Could be another factor though. You would reccomend Bionic over Kalk though? I was thinking that a kalk mix would be great if I evaporated enough water, which I'm...
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    Best Cal & Alk option?

    I am having difficulties maintaining my ALK in my 7g SPS minibow w/ 15g fuge. Alk will drop one DKH point every two days. My Cal seems to be fine and stays between 460 and 420. I do about 30% water change bi-weekly with Oceanic salt which has low Alk and High Cal. My first question is...
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    Plate Babies???

    Stuckinfla... The skeleton is under these baby plates. They start off as very small pieces of flesh and slowly grow until they cover the old skeleton. Eventually they release themselves and chose their location in the tank.
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    Plate Babies???

    Not my pic, but this is what they look like before they start releasing.
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    Do Polyfilters work?

    I do have a phosphate reactor, but I was wondering if a simpler method might give me similar results.
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    Do Polyfilters work?

    Do they work to remove PO4? I'm considering a polyfilter for my nano[22g w/refugium & sump]. It would fit between the baffles of the sump and force water through instead of around. But do they actually work? PO4 = .1
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    Crushed Coral Owners only poll

    I started with CC and then changed to sand. As soon as I switched I noticed a huge difference. My corals were open fuller and my pod population exploded. I can understand why after seeing the muddy, gunky, funky CC that came out after 10yrs of being in there. It never looked clean and...
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    red bugs? or no?, if not, what then?!?!

    My red bugs didn't touch any monti's and they only picked certain Acros. AND they were very obviously red, not black. May be something different.
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    (KH) (CA) & (PH) Problem

    I don't trust hagen anymore. The hagen test kits for ca don't work with Oceanic salt, or at least give false high readings. I had a PO4 test kit that always showed my levels at 0, but with the salifert I sometimes detect PO4. Saliferts are much more accurate and professional IMO.
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    im setting up a pod tank.

    Why not take the next step and set up a refugium. Then you won't have to baste them into the tank, and you'll get the added macro benefit.
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    Thank you all! EVERYONE!

    Monti... My dad is into FW. He used to have a few large tanks of Ciclids, then he graduated to discus. Now he has 5 10g tanks in my basement breeding mollies, guppies and if he's lucky bettas. He also has a 29g upstairs and a 30g discus tank in his office at work. As for me, I'm a salt man...
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    How Nanno should I go?

    20g would be a good start. The larger the tank, the more margin for error. Be sure to do a lot of reading, because many nano owners have got experience from their larger tanks. A few things to remember are; - Do small water changes religiously - Test very often in the beginning - Don't add...
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    Just found it, need ANOTHER ID...

    Sounds like a stomatella snail to me. I belive they are beneficial.