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    Mandaran advise

    yeah, that's what i hope doesn't happen. i'm glad thought he eats frozen brine and mysis. every so often we buy tigger pods and put them in the tank. he is growing well also. fingers crossed
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    Mandaran advise

    i've had my mandarin for about a year. he is super active and eats frozen brine and mysis. i have him in my 29 gallon biocube. i've heard that they can do well for months then bite the dust. hopefully that doesn't happen though. they are a beautiful fish. good luck!
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    Meanest Fish You've Seen

    green wolf eel
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    what size tank do i have?

    wolf eels are crazy! if you like agressive that is perfect. i was stupid a bought one on a whim without research and had him until i saw my six line wrasse hanging out of his mouth. lol never had a undy though. i've read they're pretty agressive also though.
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    Need input...

    oh and the stars were brittle, serpent, feather, blue linkia, sand sifting. some lasted longer then others like the serpent and brittle
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    Need input...

    We use tap, but just recently tried distilled. The corals were all the "easy" stuff... yellow polyps, green star, zoos, shrooms, etc. Waving hands did okay. I think we need to do ro/di water.
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    Need input...

    We have two aquariums (salt) and need some help. I'll give you the parmeters for each and the issues were having: 90g: salinity: 1.025 to 1.026 ammonia: .25ppm nitrate: 100ppm high range, 25ppm low range/ 80 ppm on strip nitrite: oppm ph: 8.0 alkilinity: 2.8 calcium: 500ppm phosphate: .5ppm...
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    I wouldn't say were new to saltwater tanks, but more or less we suck. We have no problems with keeping fish, but coral is another story. We currently have a 29 g biocube that we want to turn into a reef tank. It has a protein skimmer attached as well. we have a fire shrimp, small flame hawk...
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    White-spotted Hermit Crab (Dardanus megistos)

    we traded ours in last week cause we ended up buying a juvy. red coris wrasses. i was sad though cause he had tons of personality
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    Klein Butterfly acting stressed

    when we got our kleins my fox face and scopas harassed him constantly the first day (fox face mostly). the next day they were all fine. i think they just just acted this way to show dominace.
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    Just picked up a Blue Spot Jawfish :)..Question about jumping

    they are awsome fish. we had one and at first he found himself a spot for a few weeks then all of a sudden moved to several new spots then croaked. he ate great at first too. i think one of our shrimp gobies scared him from his first home. hope yours works out cause they are awsome!
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    getting fish out?

    can they fit into the opening of a 2 liter bottle? I tried that to catch a green wolf eel by putting food in it and actually caught him!
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    Sea Robin

    I actually just went in there and it's gone. Sorry
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    Sea Robin

    Gerber's is right off Dryden Road. Actually Moraine area. They open at noon incase you choose to go today
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    Sea Robin

    Gerber's Saltwater warehouse has one - as of two days ago. It's in Dayton, Ohio. Not sure where you're at in Ohio though.