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    Transgender MAN says he's PREGNANT

    My first reaction to the negative responses here is that I'm glad I live here in Bend and you live far away. Please stay in NJ & CT. I really don't see this as being a big deal. I don't feel threatened by this, I don't care about their motives. Most importantly it doesn't move me to wish harm...
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    chaeto question?

    I believe they do.
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    MH over a 15 gallon

    I have a 150 HQI over my 10 gal. nano in my office. The bulb is 8" over the surface of the water. There are three fans. No heat problems.
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    cant decide on a goby

    I have a pink spotted goby with a pistol shrimp. They're fun to watch together.
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    Play sand use in a tank..

    It depends on the play sand. In some parts of the country play sand is calcium carbonate based. Out West we can only get silica based sand at Lowes & Home depot. The calcium based sand, after a rinse, will work fine. I don't believe that I would use the silica type sand. It does take a while for...
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    cheto too much?

    You can try, it won't hurt.
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    cheto too much?

    It's fine. This type is pretty safe. It's very invasive & you don't want it in your display tank but it doesn't do the reproductive thing as often as grape & a few of the others. Keep it trimmed & growing and it will do well for you. If you noitice it turning white take that part out. As far as...
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    cheto too much?

    It can grow to the point that there's no more room for it to grow. I don't think it can hurt the system but keep in mind that the whole point in having it is for nutrient export. Unless your macro is able to grow it doesn't use up excess nutrients.
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    cheto too much?

    It looks like razor caulerpa to me. Other than cheato it's my preferred macro. You can trim it at any time.
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    Glow Sticks

    Most of the liquid inside is hydrogen peroxide. You should call your vet to be sure there's not something you should do.
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    chiller for a 10g

    Like almost everything in this hobby the answer to your question is "it depends." You indicated that you need a 10 degree pull down. Is that 10 degrees below ambient room temperature, or is that 10 degrees down from the maximum high temp. with all heat sources in place? An Iceprobe is a...
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    I don't think it's a sundial either. You can pick it up & check it's front door, or whatever it's called. It's fairly distinctive on a sundial. In Ophuira's photo (see Viper's reply) you can visualize it fairly well.
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    HELP! I can't start my siphon in my Tidepool S.O.S.

    Run a piece of airline through the J tube from the tank side up to the top of the bend. Suck the air out & the siphon should start.
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    something i've noticed about peoples answers on this site

    Here's the thread I was talking about:
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    something i've noticed about peoples answers on this site

    There's an old thread around here somewhere titled something like "how many reef keepers does it take to change a light bulb"? That thread explains a lot.