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    de nitrate

    I like that stuff, you can go longer without doing water changes as it has helped keep my nitrates at .20 and they never seem to go above that in my fish and live rock tank. i use it in a canister filter instead of bioballs. It is a bio filter media, meaning it does not start working right...
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    Green hair algae on fake coral, keep it?

    ok but the thing is, it has been growing on that plant for 3 months and not anywhere else at all, i just sometimes pick it a bit to shorten it.
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    Green hair algae on fake coral, keep it?

    my 46g tank is almost 2 years old. Some months back i battled both hair and red carpet algae. It finally went away but then started growing only a fake coral and nowhere else. Since i read that it feeds of of nitrates on phosphates I decided to let it grow, now it looks like a green hair...
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    Aqua c remora ?

    if you go away for a week then you want the overflow thing you can get. Some ppl say when its breaking in the cup fills up real fast, some ppl say it starts slow but works better after a few weeks. I have one and empty it about once a week and that's witout the overflow box.
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    AquaC Remora problems

    i have that skimmer and it takes a few weeks for the micro bubbles to totally stop. just raise the collection cup so it does not fill up so fast it will eventually work good
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    Nano and Bio Cube???

    don't buy one of those things you'll only regret it later when you fully realize how small it is and you see all these cool fish at the store you can't buy. Build your own tank of at least 45 gallons.
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    Neon dotteyback can I add one?

    you can easily add a few more fish to that tank, as long as you have a powerful bio filter. Long nose hawk fish are great and mine never bothered anything and they love to stare at you. You can add a purple firefish, a yellow watchmen goby with a pistol shrimp. They will make a cave and share...
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    Crab escaped!

    I was sitting at the computer wasting my day when I looked on the floor and saw a lump. I ignored it for the time being and then forgot. i cam back later and looked and saw it was a snail shell from my tank. A blue legged hermit crab crawled out of the tank and walked across the basement rug...
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    High Nitrates

    what exactly do you have in your canister filter? I do not think it comes with media so you had to buy your own. i would suggest the following be put in it. Leave 1 stage of foam that it came with for first stage filtering. After that i would use eheim pro substrate and kent matrix in the...
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    Will someone give me a lesson canister filters

    biowheels are powerful filters, I have 1 on my 46g as well as a canister, I would never take off the bio wheel. I also use live rock and a good protein skimmer. The thing with canisters is you want to have them full of only premium media and not cheap stuff such as bio balls. I took out the...
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    less biofiltration than expected. help.

    i would add an emperor 400 HOB filter as well. They are very powerful ammonia eaters and don't believe the myth about them raising nitrates.
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    One more clown?

    i have 2 false perc clowns and they always swim together and never ever show any aggression to each other or anything else in the tank.
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    Aqua C remora Pro with 1400 question?

    it takes awhile for the aqua c to really start working good. keep the cup really low at first and only raise it a bit after it starts collecting stuff.
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    10 gallon starter tank????

    you can't keep an Anemone in a 10g tank. I would make it into a planted freshwater dwarf puffer tank. If you want to go with saltwater save up and get a 55g
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    rotifers, were can I find them? (in Canada)

    i also bought some megs from the He has a rotifer breeding setup in his basement. So you might want to contact him