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  • After 2 days his insides were coming out of his mouth. Then it was coming out even more. He’s still alive now we have him in my sister’s tank that is nothing but saltwater in the tank. Is this normal or is he dying? And I just found out that the worker that was putting the anemone in a bag that had pulled the anemone off a rock and it has a tear on its foot. Will that also be the case?
    Hello, i need some help with my long tentacle anemone. I’ve had my tank ready running good for about 4 months now. My mom purchased this anemone 3 days ago before I put him in my tank I let him float in the bag for about 40 minutes. He was fine, but until I put him in my tank. He was shrinking closing up and he was like that for 2 days.(1)
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