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    Any roti for free

    I understand your age and all are asking for alot. You want free food and you want someone to PAY to ship it to you and take their time to box it up and drive to the post office, ALL FOR FREE????
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    Could i Possibly be cycled

    No it has not cycled. Good Luck with your Tank!
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    Coralife Aqualight Pro...Is this the best???

    Originally Posted by FISHY7 Hey saltwaterdave, Little help here, :help: I have been sifting through threads and i have read you need a min of 2 watts per gallon. I am running about 4 w/g. I've read people running much more w/g but at what point is it overkill? It's like buying a...
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    Excalibur skimmer

    Did yu use the venturi kit that came with the pump?
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    Coralife Aqualight Pro...Is this the best???

    Originally Posted by FISHY7 Hi, Lv I am setting up a 215 and I'm not sure what I want to keep. I want something easy and simple so my LFS recommended the 72" Coralife Pro HQI. It comes with 3 150 watt 10k MH, 4 96 watt true Actinic blue and 4 1 watt lunar blue moon glow. Tank demensions...
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    Nitrate Problems!!!! Help!!!

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    What's a Frag?

    See what I mean.............I knew I had it wrong
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    Kelp on rocks

    What do you mean by kelp? Can you describe it more please.
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    What's a Frag?

    sps=Small Polyped Sceleterian (Sceleteria refers to stony or hard corals) or Small Polyped Stony, lps means Large Polyped Stonies such as Hammer/Torch/Frogspawn Corals.Examples of sps corals would be Acropora as those seem to be the most popular and Stylophora, Montipora, Seriatopora...
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    High PH

    How are you checking and what brand test kit are you using?Can you run a sample to the lfs to check?
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    Starting over! Advice please!

    It's better to look around local man you know that...........the shipping kills you on anything you might think you are saving.
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    Coralife Aqualight Pro...Is this the best???

    What kind of light is this? VHO or MH? What wattage are we talking here? It could be both mh and vho.Just need some more information to help you out.
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    i hear someone is a starfish expert?

    Originally posted by NM reef I absolutely agree that the link edited out of the above post is good reading....but links of that nature are a violation of this sites policy...sorry. Why???? It is to an online magazine with helpful articles.It wasn't a link to buy something cheaper that SWF...
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    i hear someone is a starfish expert?

    good reading edit: Link violation
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    pope died

    Originally posted by Sato Heh, good stuff. I am an Athiest so its all wierd to me also, but I do agree with the fact that he has done alot fo this world, if nothing else he has influence over millions of the "Faithful" and can enact change very easily. But to all those who regularly waste an...