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    Rookie question about purple tang

    Maury, Do some more research on ich at this BBS. Yes, ich is still in your tank and will likely be there for about a month. You can try treating by feeding all of the inhabitants garlic-soaked food... keep this up for a month. The fact that you don't see any spots right now indicates that the...
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    aquarium oil spill

    Dan19, What kind of foiltration do you have right now? Chances are, you can figure out a way to make it draw water from the surface. I know that CPR, for example, sell one for their BackPack skimmers. There are also add-on surface in-take attachments for canister filters.
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    Having ick problems!

    Your fish are suffering from different ailments. I'm not sure if your YT also has ich, but the black spots are indicative of...well, Black Spot Disease. I've had good success clearing this up in YTs with freshwater dips. You'll probably want to search the board for a bit on how to accomplish...
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    ID question & PH question...

    Dan, Keep an eye on that Nudibranch. There are a few problems with them... -They are specialized feeders, as BurNSpy mentioned, and don't often do well in captive systmes. -Sometimes, when they die, they can release the poisons of all of the corals/sponges they have eaten... they store these as...
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    Cycle with Squid?

    I think the idea is to put something dead in the tank that your bacteria can break down. Squid qualifies as something dead... unless it's alive, in which case, you can cycle with it... :D Squid tank... hmmm????
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    clown fish with ick not eating

    BTW: Be sure to only put a small amount of Brine Shrimp into the tank at a time, otherwise the garlic may soak out. Also, if your ich is that advanced, garlic might not help. You may need a quarantine tank and/or a good long freshwater dip. Clowns deal with freshwater pretty well... as a...
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    clown fish with ick not eating

    Try some live brine shrimp soaked in garlic. Do a search in the Diseases & trteatments group for a recipe.
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    It's too hot. Help please

    Frenchy, If your getting up over 85, it's better to have the lights off during the heat. Lights off in the day and on at night! ...and get a fan!
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    It's too hot. Help please

    Frenchman, -The aforementioned probe might help -Fans do an amazing job of cooling your system... run a small fan or two in your hood to circulate air -Consider raising your hood an inch or two to allow for more air between your light and the tank top -If you're not using a sump now, consider...
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    Help...My Flow Has Decreased!

    Exposit, Take you pump out, take it apart and clean it. I don't have an Eeim, but I'm assuming some likely causes are: 1- Calcium & "gunk" buildup on impeller walls is reducing RPMs 2- Any pre-Filter or "sponge" material in the intake of the pump is clogged 3- kinks or obstructions in your...
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    Rookie question about purple tang

    Maury, WhereY'at? The good news is that, IMOHO, Purple Tangs are tough as nails. Now you're going to have to treat the tank. A few questions... as, I'm assuming you added this guy without quarantining him (A mistake you shouldn't make in the future): -What other fish are inhabiting the tank...
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    SPS Calcium Workout

    Here's a closeup of one of the colonies in question. Can anyone ID these guys? What are their reqts? As I said earlier, they seem to thrive W/O much light.
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    SPS Calcium Workout

    Hmmm... maybe it is the PH? The SPSs in question are the brownish ones in the top-middle, slightly left-center and in the LS in the center. Again, all of these started as a forked frag a tad bigger than my pinky.
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    When to dip

    Originally posted by Beth: <STRONG>When you put a fish in fresh water, he immediately keels over, looks like you've just dumped him in poison rather than water and stiffens up like he has rigor mortis. So, Trey, if you’re up to it and have the time....</STRONG> I haven't seen this sort of...
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    Home Central Aquarium Plumbing System for All Tanks

    Good points... I was thinking about a big UV on the main return to keep parasites from spreading. As far at the leak issue, that's scary. My feeling, however, is that it's not much more likely that a standard leak in my house.