fish compatibility

  1. L

    yellow and blue tang help

    i have a 55 gallon saltwater, and i have currently a clown and a BTA, it has 90 lbs of live rock and 800gph filtration with a 7 gallon refugium. i was planning on temporarily getting a hippo blue tang and a yellow tang. do you know what order i should add them to the tank?
  2. A

    Can a Hawkfish and Goby+Pistol Shrimp live together?

    Hello. My reef tank has began cycling and I'm researching which fish can live together (Out of a list of reef-compatible fish that i mentioned on another thread.) Recently, I came across many colorful hawkfish and I'd like to own one. However, I hear that they can live in a reef tank, but with...
  3. A

    Which Fish and How many can I keep in a 55 gallon reef tank?

    Hello there, I have recently purchased a 55 gallon aquarium (curved with a tight-fitting lid) and live rock which will all be set up soon. I have already planned out which fish I would like in the aquarium. Of course I wanted a tang/surgeonfish just like many others but then after realizing how...
  4. fishlover0815

    Clown fishes

    I'm sure all of you had a clown fish before right? I have read articles online and they say they get aggressive if not introduced at the same time, I want to QT the fish tho, and they say one fish at a time... I only want a pair in my tank... Will they fight? Or should I QT them together?
  5. R

    Adding to a 65 fowlr

    Hi, Im just looking for some suggestions on what to add to my 65 fowlr. Right now i have a 2" tomini tang, a 2" falcos hawkfish, a 1.5" picasso trigger, and a 2.5" dragon wrasse. Only looking to add 1 maybe 2 fish.