1. L

    Long tentacle anemone help!

    I’ve previously had different anemone but this is my first with a long tentacle anemone. I have many years with experience so I know that the light and water is perfect for them but not sure what is wrong with my anemone, never seen this happen please help. Please only reply back with...

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  5. A


    Calling all Reefers to an all new coral, fish and reptile show right here in Southern California. Located in front of LAX airport, at The Lax Airport Marriott Hotel ballrooms. We have amazing prizes and tons of vendors and free gifts as well. Drinks and music as well, we will have thoisands of...
  6. Luanne

    Update on my tank

    been slowly adding some color to my tank. Got some waving fingers today. I just love those. also added a fox face. I have some more colorful pieces coming. But so far liking what I see.
  7. Luanne

    Dead foxface

    i have had 2 fox faces die on me. I ordered them from ***********. The first one made it for 3 days. I don't think it was even trying to eat. I tried feeding him off alone. I got my replacement fox this last Thursday. I found it dead this morning. My water is testing great. Salinity is great. I...
  8. Luanne

    Do You Name Your Fish?

    well I do. Right now I have Barney the hmu hmu trigger, Frank the blenny. Ricky-roofs the dog faced puffer. Annie the yellow Tang. Puffy the saddleback puffer. Fred the cow fish. Snappy the yellow stripped snapper.
  9. A

    Blenny Scooter died - HELP!!

    I have had a Scooter Blenny in my tank for about a year and a half. 30 gallon tank with plenty of live rock and at least 5 to 6 corals. I have never fed him copepods and feed my fish Mysis shrimp. All seemed fine up until about a month ago. He has been living with all of the fish in the tank for...
  10. Lukamoose

    Fish Stocking Plan 125G FOWLR

    Hi, I've had a 125 gallon for a few years now and just a few months ago got everything back up and running. The tank has cycled and I currently have 2 ocelleris clowns (about 2" and 1.5") and an emperor Angel (3"). What are some other fish that I could add to the tank? I plan on getting blue leg...
  11. A

    150 gallon salt can it be done?

    hello guys, I'm swapping my 150 from a fresh to salt. I want fish, corrals, and plants, and just anything else that is salt. Can I put all of this in a tank and make it work??? Fish don't know what yet, some schooling and several others maybe total of 20 fish. And lots of living rock and corrals...
  12. fishlover0815

    Clown fishes

    I'm sure all of you had a clown fish before right? I have read articles online and they say they get aggressive if not introduced at the same time, I want to QT the fish tho, and they say one fish at a time... I only want a pair in my tank... Will they fight? Or should I QT them together?
  13. fishlover0815

    Dipping the fish?

    i am currently cycling the tank, but in the future when I get a fish, should I dip it in a med then put it in the QT tank? I think that would be much more safer that just inspecting the fish.
  14. fishlover0815


    I read articles that says quarantine is really important and I understand that... But is it nescessary to quarantine for that long? And how do I know if the fish is not sick? Or is there a quicker way to quarantine the fish? I heard you can put them in fresh water for a little bit and it will be...
  15. bentley21

    Must have App to help with tracking parameters

    Hey I built this app to help me with water changes and keeping track of water parameters plus you can take pictures of your coral and fish in a gallery and track how many days you have had them. Support a member and download it on the apple store the app is called coral tank pro Thanks everyone...