new stock list ideas



i just git a 55 gallon with a 15 gallon sump, 90lbs of dry rock and 800gph filteration. i was wondering if anybody has some stock ideas for it. i already have a clownfish and a bta with a cleaner shrimp but thats all.
I am a fan of the tailspot or lawn mower blenny. Maybe a six line or royal gramma. Another Hardy fish for me is an engineer goby, mine is the oldest fish in my tank, going on 12 years.

Really there are numerous combinations and varieties. Mainly just make sure everything is compatible with each other.

Oh yeah, gotta love tangs.
I'm not sure how old your tank is, but it is most important to make sure that it is fully cycled.

Also a good place to start might be a reef kit from there are a lot of fun inverts in those.