1. L

    new stock list ideas

    i just git a 55 gallon with a 15 gallon sump, 90lbs of dry rock and 800gph filteration. i was wondering if anybody has some stock ideas for it. i already have a clownfish and a bta with a cleaner shrimp but thats all.
  2. L

    Long tentacle anemone help!

    I’ve previously had different anemone but this is my first with a long tentacle anemone. I have many years with experience so I know that the light and water is perfect for them but not sure what is wrong with my anemone, never seen this happen please help. Please only reply back with...


    Care: The open brain coral (Trachyphyllia) is moderately easy to care for, they only need a lower moderate light and gentle water movement. click pic for more details! Open brain corals can be solitary or colonial.[2] They are free-living and exhibit a flabello-meandroid growth form, meaning...

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  7. Sportfish247

    Unknown Corals

    I am brand new to the hobby and forum. I have experienced the fun and joy of freshwater but this is my first Reef Tank. I am curious to know what kind of coral this is growing on the seeder rock. It seems to be doing well and had begun to show in the last few days. This tank is about 2.5 weeks...
  8. Dylan7huskies

    New tank questions

    Hi I have a 20 gallon innovative marine fusion and was wondering... How long before the dry rocks turn to live? How long before adding a second fish? How long before adding corals? How long before the first water change? How long before adding a protein skimmer? Thanks!
  9. Rawrliana

    New to the forum, sharing my pride & joy. 25g reef.

    I’ve gotten feeling really incredible lately and wanted to share. The tank is streamed live daily on multiple platforms if anyone’s interested, search Milehighreef.
  10. J

    Duncan coral dead?

    So I went to a local who sells frags and he said he had a Duncan that has 100+ heads. I figured if I fragged these heads I could make some money. I ended up buying it and coming home. He had the lights off and we were in the basement so the only lights that were on were the lights in the tank...
  11. C

    Green Star Polyp Help

    Hi all, I'm new on here and am looling for some help with my nano tank. My GSP is acting up and I'm hoping someone has had a similar experience or can give me info and some pointers. I have a 5 gal. reef tank with a 4 small frags (clove polyp, frogspawn, zoanthids, and another i haven't...
  12. Allen4k4


    Hey all- I need help.. i bought a hammer coral for my 13.5 gal nano tank.. it was vibrant for a few days but then started to receed.. I though the flow was too high on the coral so I moved it.. two days since then there is a film over top (see pictures) is this a disease? Is my coral dead? Can O...
  13. L

    Dwarf Angels?

    so im starting a new tank, and I wanted to do a Dwarf Zebra lion fish and a engineer goby, and I was wondering if I could have a dwarf angel or two? I have a 75g tank, and I was also curious if there's any type of coral I would be able to add along with it.
  14. W

    Led lights

    Hi, new to saltwater (2 month's ) coolest thing!.have wanted one for years.especially after I come home from snorkel vacation. .my question is any led lights or others good for supporting coral.I won't be able to afford the good lights for a while have some soft corals now and led that was on my...
  15. Jack and casey

    2nd tank for clown breeder setup

    Saltwater aquariums have become our hobby and love as a family. week ago we setup our beginnings of a ten gallon tank to become our coral and clownfish tank, we are taking the process slow so everything is perfect, lord knows not to jump to fast(we have already learned this through our 55...
  16. Angie1002

    2 Weeks Into It...

    I was gifted a 70 or 75 gallon (don't recall exactly) saltwater aquarium with live rock and 2 clownfish. My husband and I have since added 1 Yellow Tang, 1 Coral Beauty, and 1 live rock. After comparing the new live rock against what I was gifted it appears as if the others are dead. Is there...
  17. fishlover0815


    I am really scared of worms... Is it fine for my clowns to stay in a tank with nothing but the dry rock? If I want corals where can I get them that will be more clean? Like maybe pet smart is bad and j&l aqutics is better? I really want to have a pretty tank but pests are just...bad... I know...
  18. L

    What corals would ACTUALLY do well with sharks

    Sharks that grow 2-3 feet. Nothing large, mainly benthic sharks. It would be awesome if I could find some corals that would actually do well with them.
  19. bentley21

    Must have App to help with tracking parameters

    Hey I built this app to help me with water changes and keeping track of water parameters plus you can take pictures of your coral and fish in a gallery and track how many days you have had them. Support a member and download it on the apple store the app is called coral tank pro Thanks everyone...