2 Weeks Into It...


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I was gifted a 70 or 75 gallon (don't recall exactly) saltwater aquarium with live rock and 2 clownfish. My husband and I have since added 1 Yellow Tang, 1 Coral Beauty, and 1 live rock. After comparing the new live rock against what I was gifted it appears as if the others are dead. Is there anyway to "bring them back" so to speak? What can I do to ensure that my babies flourish? I would also like to add coral at a later time and I don't know if that will have an effect on what is done now.


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It not dead per say, just not alage covered is my guess. A pic would be helpful. What is your set up? Filter, power heads, lighting ,ect?
A picture would be useful. It's hard to diagnose it as dead without seeing what you believe is dead? You said, "all others", what do all others include?

- C. Smith