Unknown Corals


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I am brand new to the hobby and forum. I have experienced the fun and joy of freshwater but this is my first Reef Tank. I am curious to know what kind of coral this is growing on the seeder rock. It seems to be doing well and had begun to show in the last few days. This tank is about 2.5 weeks old and the base rock began to color shortly after the seeder rock was placed. Any tips and suggestions are too appreciated. Happy to be here.

This tank is a 55 gallon tall corner 40lb live sand, 35lb base rock. 5lb+- seeder. After getting the water perimeters right weeks ago i added 3 hermit crab, blue, red, scarlet. In about another week i hope introduce a Velvet Damsel.
My powerheade is set for 20 seconds off 15 seconds on.
And my light cycle is
blue/morning on 9am
Blue/white/day 10am
Blue/night/ 8pm
All off 10pm - 9am