new tank startup

  1. Sportfish247

    Unknown Corals

    I am brand new to the hobby and forum. I have experienced the fun and joy of freshwater but this is my first Reef Tank. I am curious to know what kind of coral this is growing on the seeder rock. It seems to be doing well and had begun to show in the last few days. This tank is about 2.5 weeks...
  2. D

    How long does it take for sand to settle in a new tank

    I just set up my new 20 Gallon tank with sand. The water right now is very murky and I was wondering how long it takes for this to settle. Does it matter if I run my pump and/or heater while waiting for it? Not sure if that'd speed it up or slow it down. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. B

    Help,advice and recommendations on a beginner tank.

    Hello everyone I was wonder if anyone could help me start out a new tank. This is my first time starting up a saltwater tank. I would love to start up a reef tank but not sure how hard that is to setup. So my questions are should I go reef which I really love and would like to do or fowls? What...