Care: The open brain coral (Trachyphyllia) is moderately easy to care for, they only need a lower moderate light and gentle water movement. click pic for more details! Open brain corals can be solitary or colonial.[2] They are free-living and exhibit a flabello-meandroid growth form, meaning...

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  5. Sportfish247

    Unknown Corals

    I am brand new to the hobby and forum. I have experienced the fun and joy of freshwater but this is my first Reef Tank. I am curious to know what kind of coral this is growing on the seeder rock. It seems to be doing well and had begun to show in the last few days. This tank is about 2.5 weeks...
  6. Rawrliana

    New to the forum, sharing my pride & joy. 25g reef.

    I’ve gotten feeling really incredible lately and wanted to share. The tank is streamed live daily on multiple platforms if anyone’s interested, search Milehighreef.
  7. M

    New to Saltwater and in middle of new build. Please help!

    Hello, This is my very first post. My name is Mike and I live near Modesto, CA. I love aquatic life and currently I have 3 planted tanks that I've had up and running for nearly 2 years now. I have 2 - 55 gallon tanks and 1 - 20 gallon tank all using the Walstad method and thriving. I...
  8. Tarz Shyshko

    240g Custom Build Reef Aquarium

    [/url] [/IMG] haven’t posted in years, this build was in the making for to long but it finally got done. I thought I’d share.
  9. N

    need opinions for new reef tank

    Hello, my Oceanic biocube 29 finally bit the bullet a few days ago. I am now in the market either for a new hood (lights) or a whole new system. I don't have much knowledge in what would be a good tank or not. Evidently the one I currently own is not so great with filtering.I am wanting to go as...
  10. E

    Niger trigger in a nano

    Now i hardly use forums as i have trust in my LFS for quality advice along with reading aricles. Neither have failed me yet, untill i heared something so absurd that it made me question. Now from what im aware, captive bred niger triggers need about 400 litres to thrive in and on average get to...
  11. J

    Need help with a 45 gallon reef set up

    I'm currently setting up a 45 gallon corner stand reef. Got the live sand and salt, my question is what size powerheads do I need, should I use two or three with it being a taller tank? If I remember correctly u need 20-30x the gph of the size of your tank. I had a reef tank about 20 years ago...