1. casey25

    All inclusive Nano Reef Setup

    Hi y’all! I’m looking for a recommendation for an all inclusive nano reef tank setup that I could do some soft corals in such as mushrooms, anenome, frog spawn, or hammer corals. Something less than 30gal. Any suggestions? I’m concerned that what I’ve seen on the market doesn’t have the...
  2. fishlover0815

    Fluval Evo 13.5 stock

    ho! Just wondering if a pistol shrimp goby pair and a clown pair is max for 13.5 gallon or can I add a few little CUCs thanks!
  3. E

    Niger trigger in a nano

    Now i hardly use forums as i have trust in my LFS for quality advice along with reading aricles. Neither have failed me yet, untill i heared something so absurd that it made me question. Now from what im aware, captive bred niger triggers need about 400 litres to thrive in and on average get to...
  4. S

    10 Gallon Dwarf Seahorse

    Hello, I am new to the world of saltwater. I have kept various tropical freshwater tanks (as of right now, I have 110g African Cichlid tank). This fall, I'm off to college and looking to bring a 10g tank I have sitting in my garage. As I was looking for what kind of fish to put in it, I stumbled...
  5. fishlover0815

    Calcium and alkalinity

    I'm really confused with calcium and alkilinity... I'm goi g to have a pair of clown fish in my nano aquarium, is calcium and alkilinity important if I don't have corals...? I'm going to add corals once my tank has reached 1 year, will it affect the fish if there is too little or too high?
  6. fishlover0815


    im going on vacation for a month, can I put some live brineshrimp in there and will my clowns help themselves? Or are they going to eat them all in a day? Will the brineshrimp create more ammonia? And will they hurt my 20 gallon tank? Or everything will be fine? Cause I might not do anywater...
  7. fishlover0815

    20 gallons!

    i am new to this hobby, do you think I will be able to have a 20g salt water tank? If I have specific things to do I will, like water changes and stuff... When it's to animals that is mine, I take good care of them, so don't worry. But do I have specific things to do?