20 gallons!

i am new to this hobby, do you think I will be able to have a 20g salt water tank? If I have specific things to do I will, like water changes and stuff... When it's to animals that is mine, I take good care of them, so don't worry. But do I have specific things to do?


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Can u? Yes , but its not easy w a small tank. I would try a 29 for the extra volume. Mostly you need to research, research and more research lol


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Agreed lots of research and a 29 would be better than a 20. You will need to use your chemistry skills to test your water. You need a source of pure water, not water out of your tap. You need to test the salt levels as well as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, calcium, alkalinity, pH. It is important for everything to stay the same all the time. Weekly water changes are necessary. A lot of kids your age have been successful at salt water. You just need to invest a lot of time into research and do the maintenance. It can be very rewarding if you are patient and take things slow.