1. T

    75 gallon stocking part 2

    I just got a yellow eyed joke a fo face and a sailfin today for my tank. As said before I have a six line three cardinals a flame angel a tiger goby a blood shrimp two mushrooms a torch and two small colonies of zoanthids. I'm wondering if a Corrine wrasse would be good or any other nice vibrant...
  2. T

    Stock suggestions for 75 gallon

    I'm wondering what i could stock my 75 gallon saltwater tank With right now I have a torch two small colonies of zoas two mushrooms a six line wrasse three bengai cardinals a flame angel a blood shrimp and a tiger goby. I'm interested in some nice looking flashy fish specifically suggestions on...
  3. Lukamoose

    Fish Stocking Plan 125G FOWLR

    Hi, I've had a 125 gallon for a few years now and just a few months ago got everything back up and running. The tank has cycled and I currently have 2 ocelleris clowns (about 2" and 1.5") and an emperor Angel (3"). What are some other fish that I could add to the tank? I plan on getting blue leg...
  4. C

    Stocking List Question

    Hi Everyone! I've had my 75 gallon (this is just the display, it is 90 gallons total) reef tank up and running for three months now. I currently have: - 1 kole yellow eye tang - 1 flame angel - 1 watchman goby and pistol shrimp pair - 1 skunk cleaner - 1 cherry shrimp - 2 RBTAs - a clean up crew...