100 gal acrylic/ stand/canopy. seattle


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100 Gallon 48-18-26 gallon Reef Ready acrylic aquarium. Beutiful solid oak 2 door stand with matching canopy. 2 powerheads with with quickfilter attachment. Tronic heater and emporer 280 backfilter. The tank has a corner overflow ready to go for a sump. The items are in perfect condition and could pass for new. Pictures available upon request. 650.00
I live about 1.5 hours north of seattle on Whidbey Island.


MAN>>> thats EXACTLY what I am looking for.. you wouldnt happen to be passing through Phoenix any time soon would you??


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BYTEDR. I have a 40 gallon grow tank that I am growing mushrooms in. The rock is called mexican bowl rock. It is denser than the fiji rock but much nicer looking than the Marshall island rock. If you are interested I could part with some for 1.00 a pound. It cost slightly more a pound in california where I got it and has been in the tank for a few months now. The tank was new so it is pretty bare of corraline but it has been the only biological filter since setting up the tank and all readings are zero. I used this same rock a few years back when I first got into reefs and after a few months the rock looked no different than most live rock out there and corrals attached with no problem. If you are intersted I also have some very nice larger pieces that are dry.


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Jlem, are you still selling that tank and/or the live rock? E-mail me!!


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Yes the tank is still available. My e-mail is in my profile if you can get ti to come up.
I have to talk this over with the other half (might be a problem). If she gives me the thumbs up, and it is still available, could I send you the money and have my father-in-law come and get it? He lives in coupville.