120 gal tank in orange county NY


I a selling a 120 gallon saltwater aquarium.The price includes a wood black stand in great condition (I think pine?) I am getting rid if it because I upgraded to a 220 gal tank. The tank has no leaks, I never used copper and was never resealed. It is currently up and running. It will come with live sand, it covers the bottom with about an inch around (approx. 100 lbs). It will come with some live rock (approx 40-50 lbs). The tanks does have some minor scratches. Its about 7 years old.
Also included:
Coralife 48 Inch Aqualight Pro, 2x150W HQI MH Lamp + 2x96W PC + 3x1W Lunar LED
(The light has been used for 10 months. Retails new $800)
Wet/dry sump- (pro clear aquatic system- model number 175) (online for ~$179) It does come with the prefilter and tubing.
Rio 2500 pump
Prizm pro deluxe "red sea" protein skimmer
A heater 400w theo hydor
Salt water (r/o d/o) filled (120 gal)The parameters of the salt water are perfect. Tested today. Ammonium 0 nitrate 0 nitrites 0 Ph 8.2 spc grav. 1.020 temp 78
Located in Slate Hill NY