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just checking in to inform those who were wondering where i have been.... and those who dont care as well
last wed. morn.
Gabriel and Ethan made me a happy father.
My boys are several weeks premature and progressing well, considering. but with each day, they are getting stronger and better.
Hopefully in a 5 or 6 weeks i will be able to bring them home. i am very hopeful, but they are still premature and need lots of help and faith. Thankfully i have enough to share with them, until they can believe and hope for themselves.
it seems to be working, as of today, they are breathing fine without assistance(finally) and eating in very small amounts and keeping it down(this is another first, as of today)..
hey, thanks for listening to me:joy:
attn. sharks: i left a little something for you guys in the old hang out ;)


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congrats!! They will be fine. It sounds like they are moving in the right direction. Went through that with a friend of mine. Very stressful indeed. But everyday was a stride. They were both about 3# each. Once they started eating and keeping food down, they PACKED on the pounds.:joy:


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Wow, congratulations! I'm sure your positive thoughts and prayers will bring them home to you as soon as possible. Take advantage of rest when you can...


Congratulations dad! Our best thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
I'm a twin; I have a twin sister. In fact, my mother had two sets of twins. the second set is a boy and girl. We're all fraternal. You will love having twins and it's fun to be a twin too!
Send us pics when and if you can!


Congrads, I could not imagine having to leave them at the hospital and going home, even that is the best place for them right now. I have 5 month old girl. Our thought and prayers are with you and your family. Can't wait to see pics.


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Congrats dude, At one point my Amy was hooked up to the most machines in the NICU than any other baby. WooHoo proud moment for me. BTW that is her doing her Arther face(??????) in my avatar. They will be home soon and aren't thos visits with them cool. Keep us informed.


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hey congrats,
my little monster was a premie also, he came 3week early
but now hes a strong little guy
they are in good hands when they are in the NICU's


Congrats!!! You have faith....that's what will get you through.....the patience is the hard part. My first was two months premature, my second 3 1/2 months premature. They are both terrific, fun, extremely intelligent and normal kids. You and your family are in our prayers. Keep us posted!


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congradulations twice even.dont think of them as premamture think of them as not wanting to share a woom any more ;) ah and boys even best of luck poppa.to you and your family


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^^^Exactly, They are not premature...they were just in a hurry to show you the love and happieness that they have to bring to you and your family. Congrats!!!!