20 gallon suggestions.


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So I’ve got a 20 gallon hexagon tank. It’s been up and running for about a month now. I got a decent amount of live rock in there with a small anemone living in one of them 2 snails an emerald crab a fire shrimp and a baby black and white clown fish. There’s 2 filters running in there one at full speed and the other at around half speed for extra filtration and in case one dies out I’ll have a cycled filter ready to go. I’m pretty new to saltwater im curious if anyone thinks I should invest in a protein skimmer ? Or if there are any other suggestions please let me know. My plan is to add 1 more small fish suitable for a nano tank and then stock it with some Different kinds of of invertebrate like sponges or clams. I’m open to all tips and suggestions


As said, to the right side bar there are some great links, in particular the 'guide to starting an aquarium' and 'fishless tank cycling.' The cycling one in particular is really important; research the nitrogen cycle until you can recite everything about it from memory haha! Toxic water chemistry is the #1 cause of fish death, especially in Kodi nox new tanks.
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