210 Reef Ready Tank Stand And Everything Else

I am selling this 210 gallon reef ready tank with built in overflows that is about 2 years old. The tank and stand are in great condition with only a couple tiny scratches on the glass at the end of the tank. This will include the following: 3/4 Hp return pump, 200+ LBS live rock, 40 gallon fuge, 110 gallon sump, 3X250 watt halides ( 2 are Ice Cap Ballast with retro fit reflectors and the other is a Hamilton Tech 24" deluxe hood) , ETSS 600 skimmer, Gen-X PCX-40 closed loop pump, 100 GPD RO/DI filter, Test kits, and all the plumbing that comes with it.
The 3/4 HP pump, fuge, sump, RO/DI filter, and test kits are only 6 months old. The Halide bulbs are about 4 months old and I have 4 total bulbs.
There are 2 Black ORA clowns with a 12" Magnifica anemone, 14" coral catshark, 6" Naso Tang, 6" Moon Wrasse, Bunch of Turbo snails and blue leg hermits, 12" Brittle star, 4 cleaner clams, sand sifting star, 2 Skunk cleaner shrimp, and a few other things that come with it.
The whole setup is 72" long, 24" deep "front to back" and 57" tall without the lights.
I also have a 175 Watt ballast which I listed before along with a Salinity monitor that will go with this because I just want everything gone. I also have a lot of misc. stuff that will go with it also.
I can find the fish homes if they are not wanted with the tank. I know who ever buys it will need some time to set it back up and it will be better for the fish if they find homes first.
I would like to get $1500 for the setup.
I am located in Pottstown PA 19464.



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if you decide to part this out, i might be able to get the tank sold to the guy who owns my gym. if you haven't seen the thread, he's got a 150 in wall, with 2 broken center braces. he needs a new tank. the problem is, he's not going to buck up for the rest.
*edit* he's going to need a better skimmer and return pumps and such as well, i'll speak to him today.