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Joe K

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I am building a stand for my aqueon 210. I am using using a simple design with 2x6 for the frame. The tank is 6ft long. I am wondering what others may have experienced in regards to the crown on the boards. At 6ft long it is next to impossible to find a board that doesn't have some sort of crown. Right now I have them placed crown up but the tank does not make contact in all corners. There is 3/4" playwood on top of the 2x6s as well. Any advice would be great!


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Best thing to do is shim the plywood all the way around the top. Not many other good ways to do it.

Joe K

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Thanks for the input. I've been reading DIY stand articles and watching videos. I'm surprised nobody mentions it. I think it would a common issue people face. My only concern with shimming is if the crown will start to correct under the weight off the filled tank and cause pressure points else where
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I’ve built many stands over the years and have never had an issue with that. I do pick my lumber very carefully for the top part. Largest I’ve done was a 125. I did have a center support on that one So the span was only e feet. My current one is a 120 with a 5 foot span. I’m thinking a big part for me is the 3/4 plywood skin. It may even things out Since the plywood is cut very straight.