240 Gal Stocking help

Tom the Bomb

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so what do u think of this stock for a 240G:
1 radiata lionfish
1 antennata lionfish
1 mombassa lionfish
1 Echidna Xanthospilos moray eel
1 coral catshark
1 Rhinopias frondosa
1 inimicus didactylus
brittle stars and 1 squamosa clam and 1 crocea clam and featherduster worms
nyos 220 skimmer, 2 media reactors containing media like (purit, purigen hypersorb) or carbon and zeolite, 1 clarisea SK5000 fleece roller, 1 22 gal refugium with H380 lighting and chaeto, also some amount of macroalgae like red ogo and caulerpa and dragons breath inside the DT too
filter socks (i dont need them but the sump already has a filter sock tray so im just gonna use mesh on all of them to filter out large stuff and leave fine filtering to the fleece roller) marine pure balls and blocks i sump because im only having 100-150lbs of live rock in DT

are all of the fish compatible?
is the tank overstocked or could i fit in some wrasses too or is it just right
the tank size is good for all of the fish?
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Tom the Bomb

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also could i fit in a halichoeres wrasse too
I might use UV too if I need

Also is it true that Nyos torq is a bad reactor
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I always worry about clams, but I'm also a full send kinda person and that tank sounds like it would be pretty awesome lol.