28g nano hqi heat issue


so my tank has been running for 4 days now and for the last 2 days ive had the light on. the water temp before i turned my light on for the first time was 77 degrees after about 5 or 6 hours with the light on i noticed it got up to a little over 83 degrees at which point i shut the light off and went to my lfs to ask questions. he recomended i move my thermometer down to mid point in the tank since i had it near the top close to the light.
this morning at 10 am i looked at the temp and it had gone down to 80 at which point i turned the light on again thinking the thermometer is just taking a while to cool off and again about 5 or 6 hours in it was at 83 and rising again/ turned it of went back to the store to check on different options for cooling.
he told me sometimes being a brand new tank and bulb that during the break in process it could run hotter. he told me to continue to leave the light on and see how hot it gets and reached a steady temp. so when i got home i turned the light on again and its been running now for 8.5 hours and the temp is at 84.4 and will prolly rise some more.
it this keeps up i am thinking i am gonna need some extra cooling help and if at all possible would like to avoid say a big fan blowing on the side of the tank. any ideas or things i could try if this persists..
i am aware i can get a chiller but would like to avoid somethign so expensive ive already spent a lot just for what i got and if i have to blow 300 on a chiller my wife might hang me lol.
thx in advance


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well what you can do is buy some mounting legs that raise the hood like 2 inches and get a fan that blows across the tank! works like a charm! trust me. i have a 175w metal halide and no hood its a socket one and my temp stays at 76-78!
seriously doubt u need a chiller, post a pic of your tank and lighting i might b able to give some help pics always r a great help or draw something up with paint and post it.


ok so here are the results after a 12 hour run on the lights, according to the digitemp sensor i have midway down the tank at the 12 hour mark when i shut the lights off it read 86 degrees.
however i remembered i have a little infrared thermometer that i use to see wha tthe temp is on my -- helicopter engines. so i pulled that thing out and took a reading on the surface of the water and it read 84. i then placed it against the glass on the outside mid point and it read 83.
not sure which one to go but i would like to think the infrared reading is more accured but even if it is i would think the reading is to high.
is there a particular website that i can find those things that will raise my lid? i cant seem to find them anywhere. and if i do opt to raise my lid how does that change things other then the light being higher and water being cooler hopfully. wont things come out of the tank, sorry if i sound silly but ive seen little things crawlign on the backplate and there is a starfish in there somewhere.


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Nahh they wont come out. a lot of ppl run no hoods on ther tank...
Id of a site to find the legs ull just have to browse around..
Might also wanna pick up a new therm just to be sure it nvr helps to double take


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Its just a thought, but doesnt the top have a feeding lid on it? Just have the feeding lid open all the time. On my 12g Aquapod i did the same thing... Its temp was a bit high and i took off feeding lid and its alot better now
Worth a shot