29 gallon biocube leak on the top front ?


My biocube leaked from the top left corner on the front of the glass a few weeks ago. It came out from under the black trim, and constantly ran down the front. I looked at the water level and I noticed it was a lot higher than usual, but the water meter read between tehe max and min. water requirement. So I filled the inside of the tank where the leak was coming from with marine putty that I had sitting around. That did the trick!
However, now it has started leaking AGAIN, weeks down the road. It's a slight drip every hour or so.
I've also noticed when I turn off the whole biocube, the water level doesn't go as low in the display tank as it normally does when it doesn't leak.
Has this happened to anyone before? Any idea what I should check?
It would be a complete PITA to replace it considering it's been up for months, and i've got corals/fish.


Mine leaked from front where the galss and trim comes together. a little silicone fixed it. Sounds like you have something else going on too. I just don't know.