2Quills, 120G Re-build thread.


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Couple of shots of the sump (still no leaks)


Been very happy with the Skimz cone skimmer so far. Extremely quiet and makes a lot of brew. Same with the Water Blaster 5000 return pump. Dead silent and no issues yet for 3 years running. Tunze osmolator ATO, very reliable as well.


Quick shot of the refugium area. Chaeto recently trimmed back. DIY led light fixture has done really good thus far. I've consolidated down to 1 fixture vs the original 2 from the algae scrubber build. And for what ever reason coraline algae grows like a weed in my fuge under the deep red leds. I don't have have much other explanation for it. It has always thrived where ever the led light shines in the sump. More concentrated under the higher par areas. I scrape and it comes right back.