3 Stripe Damselfish


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I have 3 of these damselfish and are fun to watch. They can a little aggressive toward each other and with the Domino damsel, but only lasts a few seconds. One has become good pals with the Singapore Angel.
One of the Damsels will start acting funny by bobbing up and down and the first stripe over the face will turn grey. Last a few seconds and the back to normal. Hope someone can expound as why this happens.


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You will eventually only have one damsel +a coupe other fish or you will just have one damsel. They are very aggressive especially when they reach sexual maturity. Anything that enters its territory will be attacked no matter how big the offender is. If it is another damsel the fight is usually to the death. In July i was doing a navigation dive for my advanced certification. While getting instructions from the teacher, at a depth of about 30 feet I had one damsel attacking me relentlessly. A Woman in scuba gear being attacked by a 2’ damsel. Crazy but that is what damsels do.