40G breeder and livestock for sale in S. Jersey

ortho bill

Tank is clean, back painted black. $40
Also have a AC500 modded for chaeto with a skimmer attachment.
Bill in West Deptford
Once I have my fish sold:
Flame Angel $30
B&W Clown $25
Bi-color Angel $15
Purple Pseudochromis $15
50 lbs LR for $140 (come w/ corals and mushrooms)
I will also have a JBJ 36" Power Compact $50 and a Aqua C Remora skimmer for $70.
Lots of throw ins if you buy all for $325

ortho bill

A 40 breeder is approx. 17 inches wide which is great for landscaping rock, 36 inches long and approx. 16 inches high. I used a 2x96w PC to light this tank, changed 7G of water ever 2-3 weeks and everything grew like crazy. Sorry - no stand. I kept it on my desk at work.
orthobill I asked about the ac500 w/chaeto before but you never got back to me. I am also interested in the lights. Get back to me before Wednesday when they shut down the forum.


I would be interested in all live stock and may be some rock. I only need few medium size rocks as I have some in my tank already. Please PM me or email jirafchik10 at yahoo.
Where are you in NJ? I am by the shore. We can meet in the middle.
Thank you