500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef


As many of you know, I spent a looooong weekend two weeks ago breaking down my 500 gal reef and replacing it with an 850 gal reef. I thought I would show you a few of the highlights plus a somewhat finished aquascaping pic. The tank's new dimensions are 72W X 30H X 90D. The first pic is the new tank coming into the garage:


Here are some basic system specs:
lighting..........(6) 400watt 10K, (6) 400watt 20K, (6) 165watt vho actinic
circulation.....(4) Dolphin 5600's (closed loop), (2) ampmaster 3000's (from sump)
Skimmers......(4) precision marine bullet 3's
chiller............(2) 3/4hp Aqua logic
controller.......Neptune Aquacontroller
reactor..........(2) precision marine CR622

nm reef

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Congradulations on a exellant transition! I haved admired your reef for a long time now and had every confidence the new display would be even better. Beautiful reef...I am simply in awe!!!!
Thanks for the local update. Man if I ever get in your neck of the woods I'd pay admission just to see it!!!
Dude that is just plain awesome. Love the idea of it being so deep and having a canyon. Gives the illusion of it being limitless like the ocean. Get some more pics!
:) :D ;)


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Dear Steve,
I will be dropping by Portland here in the next couple of weeks to photograph your aquarium. Make sure that you have some Smirnoff Ice Triple Blacks cold when I get there. See you soon.


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Originally posted by waterfaller1
Wow looking good ,MORE!MORE!

Yes, please, more.....I swear it almost feels you could snorkle right through the middle of your reef. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!
GORGEOUS!!! FANTASTIC!!! well you get the idea.
I won't even show it to my husband, he will get all sorts of ideas to eliminate my dining room so we could go right from the garage to the REEF!!
really more pics when you can.