56 gallon and a pair of maroon clowns


Okay I have a 56 gallon, which is 30 x 18 x 24 albeit height isnt important in most cases. I definitely want this pair of maroon clowns my LFS has, they are the most orange I've ever seen, more orange than most percula clowns, and almost neon/glowing.
Anyway, I wanted to find out what else I could put in that size tank. Obviously the maroons are aggressive even tho they are like 1-1/2 inches right now, they will get big and be the "trophy fish" in the tank. I was actually thinking about doing one of the smaller toby/puffers like a spotted puffer or valentini, and then like 8 or so damsels. Aggressive but small-ish :)
Anyone care to comment? My biggest concern would be that the puffer would get beat upon by the damsels and the clowns... I'd love some feedback.


I think a flame angel or another dwarf angel will work ok and so will one of the small species of colorful wrasses like the flasher wrasse or fairy wrasse.