5th All Ohio Frag Swap

For those interested that may not be aware i thought I would copy this from another board and post here.
Get ready to swap
Ok here it is folks! The 5th All Ohio Frag Swap.
Soooo lets get reeeeeaaadeeeeeee to sssswwwwaaaaaap! (had to put some excitement into it!)
TIME: Saturday September 27th from noon to 4.
PLACE: Ohio Theatre, rehearsal room #4 (55 E. State St)
Please RSVP so I know how many tables we’ll need.
Here’s the deal:
I've got a large rehearsal room. We’ll have plenty of tables and plenty of room. I’m going by the response to our earlier post. More are welcome of course. The theatre is downtown located near the City Center Mall for all those that have a wife or husband or kids not interested in swappin frags. If you need more info or directions, pm me or post and I’ll send you an email with a map and directions.
If this goes well I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to turn this into an annual event!
There has also been interest in a sand swap. So we’ll have a container bring some sand we’ll mix it all together and you can take what you brought. Please be considerate and only bring sand from healthy tanks though. As with frags I’m sure there will be extra for those just starting out.
I’m sure most will be eager to get back to their tanks, but for everyone else there are plenty of places around if anyone is interested in continuing frag talking over some adult beverages.
My recommendation would be to park where it says “City Center Parking” it’s a parking garage it’s 2 bucks and the easiest. From there follow the red line I drew onto the map to the theatre. You will go through the mall to the opposite end. Then outside to a covered sidewalk about 25 feet and the entrance is to the left. The swap will be on the “R” level. Stop by the security desk and just tell them you are going to the meeting on the “R” level. Take the elevator up.
There is also parking under the State House which is closer but more expensive and outside if it is raining.
Now for the obvious the arrows on the street indicate one way streets.
There will be a cash bar at the meeting. Unfortunately since we have a liquor license BYOB is not permitted. There are other events going on during the day so we will be limited to the R level sorry no tours this time.


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Man . . . . . Why not Toledo? I could make it to Toledo, but not columbus. I wish a frag swap happened here in MI.