A hurricanes a'comin!


ok..so I think I am set...I have extra water...powerhead for the w/d on a battery backup and a battery operated airpump with plenty of extra batterys! plenty of xtra food and water bottles in the freezer(for the fish and I!) Anything else you can think of that I need?? This will be my first hurricane season with my SW tank....fingers crossed all goes well! wish us SOFL people good luck!


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My prayers are with all of you. Any ideas how hard it will hit your area or when? Let us know how you are doing when you can.


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Best of luck to you and everyone else in the path. Now I know why I moved from the pan handle area further inland.........Got hit by Hurricane Fredrick, and a couple others, but Fred was worst, moved inland got nailed by Opal and then again by Ivan, but those times I still had a house standing.
Once again all the best to you......


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I wouldnt worry about this one too bad. It's sposed to mainly be a wet hurricane and not the horrible windy kind. Of course there will be some wind... but shouldnt be anything to worry about!
Of course its always good to be ready =c)


I live in Miami and got it pretty bad. i went the same day of the hurricane and bought myself a batterypowered air pump just in case for 14.99. It turns out I lost power for 2 1/2 days. thank god for the pump. all is well.


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Prior to getting a generator, I used about 10 of those battery pumps. During hurricane Georges, my FO tank was wo power for a week. The airpumps keep 'em all alive!
The think to do, is every hour or so, swish the water around gently. The idea is to get air from the bottom up, for gas exchange.


yea yall got the hurricane before it got too bad. Im in Mississippi and get to deal with this cat. 5 bad mother -&*^#$. I hope everything works out all right, at least our power lines are mostly below ground


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Lost power for three days but got it back this morning and all seems fine. An acro stick I got la week ago just bleached about a 1/2 in. on one branch but hopping It will recover. The battery air pumps are a great thing to have IMO. Ran 30 hrs. on 2 D batteries.
Praying for the North Gulf now......


Only 3 days! your lucky...I am going on day 5....and the onlything FPL will tell me is "we HOPE to have 90% by tuesday and SHOULD be 100% by friday" everyone around be had power...but 4 buildings! How messed up is that....so far I lost my Yellow tang and pygmy angel. my BTA and Torch look SO BAD,....I had to take them out today and put them in a 12G Eclipse and take them to a friends....thank GOD my LFS gave me free water b/c I was in such a hurry I just ren outta teh house with no wallet!! but they so far are doing better according to him...they ahve the 13W combo that came with the tank plus 2 more 13W sitting dirrectly infront on the tnak on it...so fingers crossed.....otehr then that...everything is starting to get high...ammonia, nitrates, nitrites....I am starting to get really wporried for my fish....
anywayz...I am gonna go since I am parked outside anther building stealing internet....I'll keep u posted on what all happens....FINGERS CROSSED I GET POWER SOON!!!!