A question i have pondered over for many a month

rainbow grouper

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How well could MODERN man survive without electricity?
What i think.
modern man would be able to survive without electricity but in places like urban America and the UK many would find it VERY hard to adapt and many people would starve to death there also wouldn't be enough agricultural land in urban towns and cities.
i do however think in places like Africa it would affect not a lot of people since they don't use much electricity however there would be not a a lot of imported foods.
Whats your opinion?


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I'm guessing most would not survive, and those that would be the people less dependent upon it--such as communities in rural areas, places that don't necessarily have electricity now, such as many communities in Africa as you mentioned and Central and So. America.
Survival of the fittest would certainly come in to full play. Also, wo electricity, how will we deal with the processing of the nuclear waste we have accumulated? Actually, we wouldn't be able to.
Billions of people would die of disease and starvation.