Adding sump to a reef tank


I have lot of equipment hanging on the back of my tank and finally found some courage to get a sump or make one myself.
To what extent will I disturb my bio process ?
In other words what's the right way to do it ?


depending on what type of sump you will put in.... are you going to drain the tank and drill through or get a hang on type????? then just set it up and add new water and let it run for a good month before removing any of the other filters.....


I have
Fluidized bed filter
seaclone skimmer
Mechanical filter with bio wheel
UV steralizer
all hanging in the back which I want to transfer to the sump. I also have 40 lbs live rock, 10 lbs live sand and 30 lbs gravel The tank is 5 months old and fully cycled with 8 corals and a yellow tang with water as clear as crystal. How should I go about adding a sump. I don't want to drill anything in my tank as it is made of glass. I intend to add a hose which will siphon the water from tank to the sump and a rio 2500 which will send the water back up.
Any suggestions are appreciated


You can buy fittings that hang over the edge of the tank for syphoning into tanks (Amiricle make one but they are very over-priced).
Make sure that the other filters keep running during the change over, without moving the media for at least a month.