Additional Notes on

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The first week of the new site has gone about as we expected. We're happy to note that there are several auctions up for sale right now and over 150 members. That's great.
Of course, there is a group that is not as happy with the change. Unfortunately, the classified areas became an exclusive area for a group that was only concerned about buying or selling. There was little to no participation in the other forums. Of course, there were a few exceptions, and to those we apologize. But everyone should know that exchanging information is the primary purpose of these forums. Not selling.
There are always choices that people and companies make. We have decided to eliminate the selling forums and the headaches that they caused. If you find this unacceptable, there are other places where selling can take place, and we will be sorry to lose you.
But if you choose to sell here, please remember the rules. There is a limit of 4 auctions (or Buy Out) transactions in a 30 day period. All transactions must take place through the auctions site, and trying to circumvent the system by PM or emailing directly will cause the parties to be banned from the site. Finally, no businesses are allowed. We have already learned of 3 companies with the protocols we have in place with this new system. I'm sure even the most ardent objector to the new system can understand why that is not acceptable.
In any case, it's been a week and we've heard the good, the bad and the indifferent. We've only had to remove one member, who in our opinion, went over the line. The selling boards will not be coming back. Consequently, we're taking down the comments boards from last week. We've allowed great latitude in this transition, but please be respectful of each other and keep the comments constructive.