Aiptasia anemones by the dozen


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within the last couple of months my tank has had increasing numbers of aiptasia anemones that are stinging many of my corals. i know where they and who they came from. any ideas (Peppermint shrimp, copperbanded butterfly ??????????)


Peppermint shrimp seem to do well for most people. You can also take a needle and syringe and inject the anenome with kalkwasser which will also get rid of it. I think peppermint shrimp are the better way to go, assuming there are no aggressive fish in this tank.


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If you don't have kalkwasser, you can mix up a batch of hypersalinic water (very salty water) and squirt them with that. I also like the peppermint shrimp idea if they are compatible with your set-up.


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Quick/Easy idea: You might first try shooting really hot water from a syringe at em...instead of shrimp...I had a pep shrimp and he never ate the two aiptasias I had. Boiling water killed em though! :cool:


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Had the same problem a yr ago. I read an article by Julian Sprung and got a Acreichthys tomentosus AKA a leatherjacket file fish. Best investment ever. Has gone into a FO tank and cleaned it out...and then into my full reef tank. Has not touched a coral. Happy to fax article to anyone that needs it. I tried everything till this fish.