And you thought damsels were mean!


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My thought is that it was like that before the nem touched it. Maybe the clowns even made it that way and fed it to the nem... I don't think the stings are what 'happened' to it.


I agree. More than likely it was either dying already, or the clowns beat it up and then fed it to the anemone. You can see that it's still alive when it goes in the nem, it's gilling very hard.


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Are damsels immune?
it is only a theory that clowns are immune to the sting. Either it's an evolution thing or it's the whole "rubbing the nem's mucus on their body periodically so they can't be detected by the nem, or so they can't feel the sting."
Either way... clowns are magic... Do damsels share the same magic powers? Just because they are in the same family?


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Another thing...
How is there a percula clown and a... whatever type clown that is? I can't remember... Is that a clarkii? A cinnamon...
Either way... They aren't the same, it's a wonder that one didn't grab the other clown and drag it into the nem.


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Originally Posted by AquaKnight
Some damsel species do have anemones has hosts, however it's mostly when they are younger.
In this particular video, look at the damsel. He was dead or almost dead by the time the video was taken.
To be honest I'm not exactly amused by this video or the general consensus of clownfish killing damsels. You're really on the trail of people dog fighting... I'm definitely a supporter of situations that call for something somewhat similar, like feeding a spearer mantis or a Rhinopias a damsel. I dunno, I guess my bottomline regarding the "hate" towards damsels, it's not really their fault that the people who bought them were dumb enough to....
as far as I'm concerned I'll never do either again in a tank. I had clowns take over an entire 58 gallon.