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hey I have a 40 gal tank already set up and with fish in already I have 4 good healthy live rock inside also. I have heard for anemone I don't have to have a special light for them is that true. Special light meaning day time night time type light needed for corals I'm not wanting any special type or a lot even of anemones But something to add a lil more color to the tank as well as a place for my clownfish. The light I currently have is a florecent light with 2 bulbs and very bright so basically I'm asking with this is can the anemones survive and grow with that lighting


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Anemones need very intense lighting of the correct wavelength and good water quality, best in a mature tank. There are some less light demanding corals that can give you the movement and color, hammer, duncan, etc. They still need good light but not as intense as an anemone.