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it generally reccomended to only keep one anemone per tank. the reasons being are when anemone detect others they go into a combative state, shedding nematocyst at an accelerated rate and becoming more aggressive (hard to imagine for something that pretty much sits still, clones are generally ignored as well as other of the same species may also be ignored) the shed nematocysts can injure other anemone and your corals as well as irritating your fish causing stress (some research indicates gill inflamation of your fish due to passing excessive nematocyst over their gills in the process of resperation, (but this is not excessivly backed by what I would call concrete evidence) still its something to think about. generally in extremly large aquaria this may not be a problem but in most home systems it can be entirely to problematic usually leading to the death of one or another of the anemone in time (this may take years or days) if the two anemone meet in physical contact it is usually a short time before the winner is obvious, like any other situation there are exceptions. just keep in mind anemone are by all standards immortal, they do not age as we would consider ageing. they only die due to injury, predation, disease, or water quality. in our home systems the mild irritation of getting wounded by another anemone may turn into a full blown secondary infection when the wounded anemone is incapable of moving beyond the range of more recieving damage from the aggressor, therefore further stressing and weakening the anemone, opening avenues for furhter infection/disease. I could go on but I feel I have touched on the pertinent information.