another person with starfish problems


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I believe my tank is well established...up and running since January 1....
Just received my brittle starfish from this site yesterday. 2 legs were broken off in the bag, more broke off during acclimation process....Once he made it into the tank the rest of them fell off....
By tonight he was dead and the hermit crabs were devoring his remains.....
What could possibly have caused it?
(Now I cannot get a refund because there is virtually nothing to send back..)


don't know what would have caused the death, but i got some starfish from this site and they were great! they both lived.. (serpent stars)
i bet if yoiu callled them or emailed them and told them what happened, they woudl give you a credit on yoru next order or replace it on your next order...
taht's what happened to me when i lost a chromis when it arrived to my house and also a couple of crabs.. i emailed them and explained they were dead, adn they replaced them on my next order...
good luck...


I had a fish that I ordered from here that did not survive the acclimation process............I emailed them immediately. I placed the fish in a baggie, froze it, like I was told to do in case of death. They emailed me within 2 days, or maybe a day and a half....and gave their appologies, and told me not to even send the fish back! These guys are GREAT!!!!! On my next order, I had received another replacement fish from them! I can't say enough about!!!!!!!


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Not only do they stand behind their livestock...they will issue you a claim number which is good for over a year that I know of. I sat on mine for about 13 months and finally cashed it in on my next order...not a problem.
Now if we can just get them to keep their stock levels up...we would be much happier.


any number of things could have caused it though. but more than likely down the line something wasnt done correctly in the acclimation process from the collector to all the middle men.
NOT saying that it was SWF though it probably happened before they even received it.
once damage is done to a starfish its hard for them to regenerate unless the have perfect water conditions and in a shipping back that isnt possible.