Any advice on a whole saler license? For corals?


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On a whim, I am looking into getting my own whole sale license.
There is a new distributor in the area that deals directly to licensed wholesalers.
They have a new warehouse setup for coral imports, and propagation, but its obviously not public.
Droool! I would love to get a license.
Is there anyone here that's done this?
How is it done, and is it expensive?
Obviously I'm currently doing a bunch a googling.
But anyone with experience in the field, especially on how to get in contact with distributor's on a global scale.
Besides, I have hopes one day of opening my own reef store.
Heck! I already got my imaginary store location chosen.
Every day I drive past it, I picture it in my head.
Its right at the intersection of two major freeways for our local region, a perfect well visible spot!
And has a bar next door, which I will buy and convert to be my indoor "Grow" store(or smoke shop)

Ill call both of them "Reefer Madness!"


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It's hard to do here in California. Not so much the business license (which costs 800 up front for taxes alone... you have to prepay), but getting in to the good wholesalers. They don't want jobbers or people who are selling out of their homes. They want to see that you have a separate business address than your residence... which doesn't include your neighbours garage.
Make sure you know the criteria of the places you want to go to first....
Also, there is a minimum to most established wholesalers. For my local wholesalers, the minimum is 300.


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I was planning to do it out of Nevada for many reasons, but Wyoming is now the new up and comer for out of state licensing.
Many reasons, but some perks i dug up from some sites:
In Wyoming...
* No State Income Taxes
* No information collected to be shared with IRS
* Privacy allowed
* Shareholders are not listed with the state
* Best Asset Protection Laws
* Nominee officers are legal
* Citizenship not required
* State tax not being considered
* Wyoming draws little attention
* No Nevada "Stigma"
* Lower Startup Costs
and some other reasons(direct quotes of course):
Wyoming state fees are 87% less than Nevada's. That includes the Nevada "hidden" officer filing fees of $125 that you learn about only after you start your company there, a fee Nevada will hit you within 30 days after you start your company! Oh, and the state business license fee of $200 per year, which was just doubled on July 1st, 2009! We bet they did not tell you about that "after-the-fact" fee either.
Wyoming has no business license fees or officer filing fees. This means we can deliver a quality company package for much less than you would pay in Nevada. And, your Wyoming state renewal fee is $50, in most cases, 84% less than what you will pay in Nevada.
*2009 study shows Wyoming to be the most business-friendly, lowest tax state, of all 50 states.


in indiana and kentucky it is easy to get a business license. Just fill out the from and select the type of business and pay the fee.