Any More Room


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I currently have in my 65 gallon tank a lionfish, niger trigger, neon damsel, and 3 small seargent majors I would really like to add a snowflake eel or a wolf eel do you think I have enough room or am I already pushing it as is.


IMO your definetely pushing it as is, but Im sure others will go into more detail for you, I dont want to give false information


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NO. You ALREADY need a bigger tank.
Both your Lion (assuming it's a Volitan) and Niger get 12" long.
I had a Volitan outgrow a 75g in 12 months. A volitan with it's fins open is the size of a basketball.
Your lion will more than likely eat your Damsel and Sgt Majors real soon.


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Yeah, any reference book on SW fishkeeping will warn about lions & triggers. Its a bad deal for the lion; it may take time, but usually the trigger is going to find the lions fins irresistible. I think this mistake stems from the constant idea that lions are aggressive fish. They are not, they will very seldom bother anything they can't swallow whole. The nasty little damsels can get real nippy with lions too. Fortunately, Volitan lions are about the fastest growing fish I know of and should have the damsels for lunch soon, or is this a dwarf lion?