any tangs for a 55g

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I have a sailfin in my 55. He's doing great. He was one of my first fish when I started this hobby and didn't know better. Knowing he would prefer a bigger tank I probably wouldn't have bought him but the LSF recommended him....He's really tame and actually lets me know when he wants more seaweed.


i like the kole tang i like the color. if i got the yellow if it did get big i could give it to a guy that has some in a big tank.
my tank is close to 2ft tall if not.
the only fish i have are a
blue damsel
2 percular clowns (babies)
coral beauty
by the way ive gotten a flame angel and a butterflie in the past 2 weeks along with the cb and the flame angel and butterflie have died. its wierd they do great for the first 2 days but its down hill from thier. the butterflie lasted a week but stopped eating after 2 days. the flame angel was doing so good swiming around eating like a pig. but i came home form school and it looked bad. came home at 9 pm after work and it was laying on its side. i dont understand. now i did add the cb and the flame angel and the flame angel would be lazy kinda chase the cb but then stop. and the flame angel was not bothered by any fish. i was real happy that i kinda pulled of the cb and fa but then it died. the only thing i could come up with it is the supplier. the lfs has 2 different suppliers and all the fish have come in at different time. the flame angel was at the lfs for like a month. and you know what realy sucks is that i work at that lfs
im going to wait on the kole tang to see if the cb makes it but i might get it.
emporter11 lastly dont wrry about hijacking this thread i did it to you with your clarion thread its all good.
if u guys havent notice id dont know how to do that quote thing so srry about just everything just put in


a small yellow tang about 1-2 inches would work but when full grown i think they need a 125 gallon or more tank


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srry but i was thinking of the chervon tang when i said i like the kole would that be a ok tang for a 55g
NO :happyfish


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Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons <<<< that is what it says on countless sites... i know those arent always right but yellow tangs are fine in a 55, they wont thrive but they wont suffer either
the sites are trying to sell you stuff of course there gonna say some redicoulous answer!!


Originally Posted by connor
the sites are trying to sell you stuff of course there gonna say some redicoulous answer!!

notice... after that i said those are not always true!!!!!!!!!!
and yes get a tang for your 55!! get a yellow!


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If you have had several fish die in the last few weeks the LAST thing you should be adding is a new tang.
Figure out why you lost those fish first.
Is your tank young?
That is first and foremost on the list of things to do

IMO, you can have a tang for a short while, but it SHOULD outgrow that tank. IMO a Kole would be the best choice of all.
As for the "no never" and "yes everyone does it" arguments, neither help very much.
The strict tang police annoy me frequently, and the "its not the ocean anyway" argument is equally frustrating...when you keep animals for your entertainment you have a responsibility to provide a minimum amount of care regardless....and here we have a poster who wanted some real insight, so far as I can tell.

Puffer - I definitely commend you for your question and understanding that you might not have a tank suitable for these fish. I think that so long as you understand that a yellow tang will not be suitable long term, and that you WILL need to find it a new home (sounds like you already have one) then I don't particularly have an issue with this so long as the tank is not heavily stocked.


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a small yellow tang about 1-2 inches would work but when full grown i think they need a 125 gallon or more tank

What? Are you kidding?


my tank is perfect. beside the fish dying the cb i got looks happy and eats like a pig. the only thing that a problem is my protien skimmer is not on i had a little red slime starting to show up and it was starting to spread. so i add red slime remover and i screws with the protien skimmer and the skimmer fill the whole tank full of tiny bubbles. im doing a water change once a week intill the remover is gone.
readings are
sal- 1.022
ph- 8.2
amon- 0
dont know whats wrong
honestly i didnt even think about a tang intill the flame died which im really mad about. because the FA and the CB did not fight alot. im going to wait on the tang to get my tank establish more. but if i see the right yellow ill probley get him.
now what ive herd tangs can be ich magnets what steps should i take to prefent that
o ya thanks for everyones input and people not going at eachother throats because they dont agree with people opion which happens alot on other threads


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Originally Posted by ophiura
when you keep animals for your entertainment you have a responsibility to provide a minimum amount of care regardless
that’s the best answer your gonna get, its your responsibility to care for the animal exotic, wild caught or captive breed. Find what you want get an idea of proper care and if you think you can keep it happy then go for it. This is a hobby for one to enjoy and learn from, not everything goes with a hitch. if it works on paper plan on having some type of problem.


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i have a yellow in my 55, but hes only 3" long (if that) and i havent had any problems with him. i also dont have many other fish. its not like the tang is going to triple its size in the space of like a month! id say as long as you get a small fish, and you dont cram so much rock in that theres NO swimming space it should be fine. you also want to make sure that theres enough algae in there for him to eat. but yes i would see whats going on with the rest of your fish before id add a tang. (come and arrest me tang police)


If you know how to keep your water perfect and have the knowledge and experience to keep it that way then I say go ahead and get any tang you want as long as it is small and you don't mind giving it up when it outgrows the tank. I have kept the following tangs in a 55 in the past without any problems. Not all at the same time though.
Powder Blue
Personnaly I think that only experienced aquarists should keep tangs due to their susceptibility to ich. If you want a wake up call just read through the Disease and Treatment threads and you will see how many aquarists have had to deal with tangs and ich.


you kept those tangs in a 55. Wow. Thats kind of mean. I mean, a naso should have at least 125 gallon tank and same with the achilles. I think the only tang that can be kept in a 55 is a yellow.


i cant beleive u were able to keep the acilies alive in a 55g. everything ive been told is that thier really hard to keep and dont ajust well to tank life i would love to get one of those dont think i have the experience though.
i think im going to try a yellow
right now ive notice my cb has ich and im going to qt him

hes still eating but im worried. i kinda know how to set it up but i dont need to cycle it if i use my main tank water right.